University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Celebrates 44 th Management Week

University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Celebrates 44 th Management Week

As part of the 44th Management Week celebrations, the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) held a series of seminars and interactive sessions during the week. Beginning on Monday, 3rd June 2024, the Alumni Mentorship Day, themed "Understanding the Intersection of Finance and Technology," brought together UGBS alumni and students for a day of learning and networking.

Mrs. Patience Ami Mamattah, Municipal Director of the Ghana Health Service, delivered health advice, encouraging students to seek opportunities beyond their programmes of study and add value to themselves. "Health is wealth, and wealth is health," she emphasised, highlighting the connection between technology, healthcare, and finance

Mr. Razak Awudulia, CEO of Broadspectrum, shared his educational and entrepreneurial journey, advising students on the importance of technology, good attitudes, and deeds. He added what entrepreneurs should do and what to abstain from. "Ghana is the best place to be, there are many opportunities for success for the youth in Ghana," he concluded. 

The Lead software engineer for Broadspectrum, Mr. Solomon Appia-Sign, educated students on FinTech (Financial Technology), citing Mobile Money Services and ATMs as examples of financial problem-solving using technology. He encouraged students to be technology-oriented, emphasising its potential to add value in building financial solutions. He also mentioned some coding platforms for students to practice and directed them on how to access them. Representatives from Broadspectrum Ltd engaged students in an interactive session, explaining how Fintech companies work together with their regulators.

Later in the afternoon, another seminar on Financial Literacy was held. Led by Mr. Benjamin Sarpong (Korku Lofty), LiteFinance partner, the discussion focused on mastering the forex trade. It was linked to combining academics with skills in trading.

University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Celebrates 44 th Management Week

Mr. Owusu Adusei, Sales and Marketing Director at LiteFinance explained the role of brokers, account creation, withdrawals, and revenue on the market using LiteFinance products. Mr. Oscar O. Agyeman, Senior Business Development Manager and Market Analyst at LiteFinance also spoke about the company’s Copy Trading Platform, discussing how it works and its advantages. The event provided a valuable opportunity for students to learn from industry experts and alumni, gaining insights into the intersection of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Continuing the 44th Management Week celebrations, the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) organised an Entrepreneurship Summit on Tuesday. The summit featured a lineup of industry experts and government officials who shared valuable insights and advice with students.

University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Celebrates 44 th Management Week

Ms. Diana Afriyie Addo from the Ministry of Trade and Industry discussed the importance of business registration and best practices. She introduced the ministry's new portal, which provides access to information on business registration and regulatory requirements. "The portal's easy access enables the public to contribute to policymakers' regulations and drafts, and to stay informed about drafts under consultation, submitting inputs and suggestions," she emphasised.

Mr. Emmanuel Broni Bediako Esq, a Legal Practitioner stressed the relevance of building bridges in entrepreneurship. He explained why sole proprietorship business registration is better suited for youth than partnerships or companies. He encouraged students to leverage social media, social networks, and innovation systems to build their businesses. "You cannot be an entrepreneur and work in isolation," he stated. He also taught them how to build connections necessary for building bridges in entrepreneurship and exposed them to resources available to business-oriented individuals. 

Mr. Richard Sarkodie Ababrase, an entrepreneur, advised students to start early, define roles, and engage in partnerships with global brands for successful entrepreneurship. "Work with trustworthy people who have been tried and tested. Building bridges is a journey, not an event; people watch and remember what you do for them, which may encourage them to invest in or support your business," he elaborated.

Mr. Kweku Aboagye Asare also emphasised the importance of networking, integrity, and trust. He drew on his career experiences to advise students, "Your network will soon become your net worth." He noted and further elaborated on the importance of network, integrity, and trust.

On Thursday, UGBS students and Prof. Vera Fiado, chairperson for the 44th Management Week celebration, visited Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior High School and La Presbyterian Senior High School. They engaged students on the benefits of applying to UGBS, taught them about Financial Literacy, and introduced them to the various programmes available at the university. The high school students were exposed to the different programmes available for them and their career-aligned jobs.


University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Celebrates 44 th Management Week

The UGBS 44th Management Week celebration concluded with indoor games on Saturday and a thanksgiving service at the Legon Interdenominational Church on Sunday.