UGBS Book Publishing Honoraria


The Research and Conferences Committee (RCC) of the University of Ghana Business School has been discussing the introduction of a Book Publishing Award for faculty who publish textbooks that will advance UGBS’s core mandate of developing quality human resource and cutting-edge research.

The following awards are proposed for the attention of UGBS staff who have published books and wish to apply for the Book Publishing Award from the Research and Conferences Committee of the University of Ghana Business School:

UGBS staff who author book solely, co-authored books with other UGBS staff, University of Ghana staff or external faculty/scholar may apply for an award worth 3000usd or the Cedi equivalent.
Only one award will be made per book.

3.1 Definition of published books

For the purposes of this award, a published book shall meet one of the following criteria:
A book published by with any of the 60 top book publishers worldwide or the Ghana Association of publishers. The Publisher’s Weekly Website ( world-s-largest-book-publishers-2013.html) lists the 60 leading publishers in the World. 

3.2 Other guidelines

  • The aims and objectives must align with at least one subject taught at the UGBS.
  • The content of the book must be sufficient in addressing effectively the learning targets of a subject.
  • The content should be current. Information and data should be relevant and accurate. The sources of information are appropriately indicated.
  • Concepts are correct and precise. Ideas are coherent. There are adequate local examples and illustrations. Such examples and illustrations are interesting and relevant to students’ experience. In the development of concepts, new ones are built on old ones and are introduced when and where appropriate.
  • Appropriate balance between depth and breadth in the treatment of the subject content.
  • The level of difficulty of the content is consistent with the curriculum requirements and the cognitive level of target students.
  • Appropriate consideration is given to students’ prior knowledge and learning experience. There is continuity in the development of concepts and skills to facilitate a smooth transition between different key stages of learning/ year levels. Connections between related topics or concepts are highlighted. There is no unnecessary repetition in content.
  • There are multiple perspectives and balanced viewpoints on issues.
  • There is no bias in content, such as over-generalization and stereotyping. The content and illustrations do not carry any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, religion, culture, disability etc., nor do they suggest exclusion.
  • To encourage and facilitate students to read larger amounts of materials on their own, selected further reading lists or related websites are included to let students read extensively. An index is included to make easy reference.
  • The texts are of high quality and facilitate students to learn directly and independently from them, and construct meaning on their own.
  • The layout is logical and consistent. The materials are well organized, with appropriate use of space and margin for ease of reading but avoiding unnecessary use of blank space.
  • Illustrations such as photographs, pictures and graphs are accurate, appropriate, effective and suitably annotated to stimulate and facilitate learning. They serve to direct students to the instructional focus rather than distract from it.
  • Published Books can be submitted at any time, however, year of publication of the book should conform to the year Call for Proposals was announced.
  • Number of Pages in the book should be a minimum of 200pages.

Authors or co-authors who are UGBS faculty may apply for this award by completing a Book Publishing Award form which can be obtained from the Secretary to the UGBS Research and Conferences Committee (RCC) or online from the school’s webpage.
The application shall be reviewed independently by three members of the UGBS Research and Conferences Committee. A simple majority of two either for or against would be enough to constitute the decision of the UGBS RCC.

Click here to download award application form