The General Assembly

Picture this…….
“The Office of the speaker, in pursuance of article 8 clause 1 of the BHJCR constitution invites all Honorable Members of the General Assembly and the entire student body of the University of Ghana Business School, to the 4th sitting of the 21st General Assembly scheduled for Friday………...”
Jane and Janet read the mail to this point and Jane exclaimed saying, “Hey, are you working at the parliament house now?” I laughed it off and thought Janet who was also a student at the University Of Ghana would come to my rescue only for her to chip in that she didn't understand.   

Like Janet, a lot of students at the University of Ghana wouldn’t have understood this message. Grab a chill drink and tie your attention to this article for the next few minutes, let's delve into what the General Assembly of the Business School is.
The University of Ghana offers a lot of programs such as  Pure Mathematics, Applied Science, and Business Administration among others. Students are admitted as either Bachelor of Arts(BA) or Bachelor of Science( BSc). As a BSC Student in the business school, there are several courses you can major in which are Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Public Administration and Health services as well as Insurance.  BSC Students have formed an embodiment as a result of a need to come together to establish for themselves a framework of governance for the achievement of their goals. This is known as the BHJCR, Business House Junior Common Room. Every BSC Student whether on the Main or City Campus is automatically part of the BHJCR. The BHJCR is run by students who are appointed and voted for respectively. It is an independent body, able to fund its day-to-day expenses through the collection of dues. Under the BHJCR is the General Assembly which is the highest decision-making body of the BHJCR. The General Assembly comprises the following. 


They are voted for and occupy a tenure of 1 year in the JCR office, In Order of Hierarchy, they are the President(Main Campus), General Secretary, Financial Controller, Vice President( Both Accra City And Main Campus, one representative each), and the Coordinator.

Consists of all members of the executive, The Speaker of the General Assembly, The Chief Justice, The Editor in Chief of the Business Journal Board, The Electoral Commissioner, the Chairpersons of the Finance Committee, Audit Board, Public Relations Committee, Council of representation of Associations and Council of representatives and welfare Committee, all of whom gain automatic membership upon their appointment as heads of these groups.

The General Assembly meets at least 3 times in a semester. Sometimes, the GA holds extraordinary meetings where necessary to complete a business of the house, but notice on such meetings are given in writing 24 hours prior to the meeting.
The Speaker Chairs all meetings and makes sure the house is in order during meetings. The Deputy Speakers assist the Speaker in the execution of his or her duties. The Clerk, appointed by the outgoing speakers, is usually the secretary to The General Assembly(GA).
Observers are non general assembly members and can participate in meetings but are not entitled to vote.

The Public Relations Committee is the mouthpiece of the BHJCR. There are 3 Council of representatives from level 100, 200, 300 and 400 from both main campus and Accra city campus. The Business Journal Board seek to the effective and smooth running of the Legon Business Journal. The Vetting Committee is chaired by the Electoral Commissioner.

The Audit Board has 5 members from both Main and City Campus and they audit or see to the true and fair representation of all Financial Information of the BHJCR.
The Finance Committee assists the Financial Controller and Treasurer in preparation of Financial Statements.

The Judiciary comprises 7 members from Accra City Campus and Main Campus, Members have a high Moral Character and proven Integrity and they have basic knowledge in law. The Coordinator who is usually from City Campus takes all concerns and suggestions and communicates it to the Executives.

The Secretary keeps and maintains true and accurate minutes and records of all Executives and Executive Council Meetings. The Vice President from City Campus is the spokesman of all BHJCR Accra City Campus Members, they conduct all affairs of the BHJCR Accra City Campus in a manner not detrimental to the good name of the BHJCR. The Vice President Main Campus assists the President in performance of his duty. The President is the leader and Chief Executive of the BHJCR and he or she must be a main campus student per the BHJCR Constitution.

There you have it a summary of what the business school Parliament/ General Assembly constitutes, the team working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a smooth running of student affairs.


Governing Body

The 8 executive consist of The President, The Vice Presidents (Main & City) campuses, The Secretary, Financial Controller, The Organising Secretary, The Coordinator( City Campus), and The Treasurer.


Council Members

The executive council consists of Speakership, Audit, Public Relations, Sponsorship, Finance, Endowment, Business Journal Board, Electoral Commission, Council of Course Reps and Welfare


Annual Events

Management Week, Akwaaba Night, and Orientation are 3 events organised each year by the BHJCR. Other interesting events come off each year depending on the administration of that year