EMBA - Project Management

EMBA - Project Management

This option introduces students to tried and tested project management strategies which are essential to achieving results in project development, implementation and review. Students would also be equipped with change management techniques and introduced to methodologies for initiating, planning, executing and closing projects. Students would also appreciate better the place of stakeholder involvement in successful projects.

Course Content

MBAE 605 Organisational Behaviour and Management
MBAE 607 Information Management
MBAE 603 Managerial Accounting
MBAE 601 Business Economics

MBAE 618 Research Methods
MBAE 616 Quantitative Methods
MBAE 614 Marketing Management
MBAE 612 Human Resource Management
EPMN 602 Project Management Theory

EPMN 607 Regulatory Environment of Projects
EPMN 606 Project Finance and Budgeting
EPMN 603 Total Quality Management
MBAE 609 Ethics in Management
EPMN 610 Seminar One

EPMN 608 Project Profiles
EPMN 604 Project Appraisal, Evaluation and Impact Assessment
EHRM 602 Change Management and Organisational Development
MBAE 604 Strategic Management
EPMN 620 Seminar Two
EPMN 600 Long Essay

2 years
GHS 11,619.50 per semester
Evenings Only
Application Deadline
28 Jun 2024