Weeping Desires

Weeping Desires

Seemingly, it looks like the person I truly am has been carved by a series of numbers: my high school raw scores, GPA and even my IQ. Unfortunately, these numbers – my superficial layer are the criteria judged on in life.
This leaves me with no option, but to get the big numbers and maintain them. I happen to find myself in an extremely deceiving society; where communalism prevails and values like courtesy and morality are highly esteemed.
The use of “please” and “sorry” and acts like getting up for elders to sit are normalized. Am I saying that my country is a utopia of respectful kids? No, not at all. Bad nuts are inevitable. Nevertheless, in a place where virtually everything is stereotyped; students wear a specific uniform, shave a specific way, put on a specific kind of shoe, and without exaggeration, every answer is wrong unless it is the exact thing in the textbook. Of course, it is difficult for your unique identity to shine.
I have seen the world. At least what the internet presents, and I perceive it as a bigger version of my community but lacking some pluralism. From my upbringing, it is only normal to question myself.
As I got lost in thoughts, I realized that behind my questioning lies a great zeal to help, the itchy feeling to change something, the spirit of getting up to do, the will to break the stereotype, a quest for uniqueness, my passion to touch lives, the yearn for seeing others satisfied. And because of my action, a strong urge to explore and learn to become better.
I tell people about these things. They say I am overzealous and that I will snap out of it. Funny how impact makers are those who kept the fire burning through the dark cloud of naysayers. This has been my driving force, and I am ready to roar!

Wait, scratch that – I forgot the SYSTEM no dey work.

Dwamena Stephen
Editor-in-Chief, Business Journal Board
2021/2022 Academic Year