Branding or Settings

Branding or Settings

You! Yes you!

Ever heard the expression “First impressions count?” How about “Dress how you want to be addressed.” Well, these two common statements appear to speak about different things but in reality, they really are addressing the same thing and asking the question “What do people make of you when they meet you.”
Personal branding allows you to present the best version of yourself, and leave a mark in the minds of others whether it be in the world of business, social life, or any other part of life. As Jeff Bezos put it, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 
Let's say hi to some global icons with strong personal brands. 
Rihanna is celebrated globally by many as a black talented superstar. As the years have gone by, not only has she stayed in the music space as a result of the brand name she has created for herself, she has leveraged on that to break into different spaces including building her multimillion-dollar company as well as scores of other successful businesses. Remember her halftime performance at Superbowl earlier in 2023?
Pastor Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo, a respectable couple from Nigeria- West Africa have built a name for themselves because of personal branding. Their opinions and thoughts on marriage, relationship and dating are widely sought after, The power of personal branding!
Oprah Winfrey, Neil Patel, Joyce Meyer etc., are other examples.
Here are some tips on personal branding

  • Know yourself

As much as building a great brand is of great importance and everybody wants to appear good, it must be based on truths about yourself. Imagine coming off to everyone as a fluent, polished and social woman who loves dogs when in reality, you’re an introverted cat lover. That’s putting up a façade and that’s not what personal branding is about. You have to take the time to assess yourself, know your values before you proceed to package it and deliver it to others.

  • Know the target

There definitely has to be a select group of people that the branding is targeted in on at. Identify, know and understand them for a better chance of success with your branding efforts.

  • Leverage on social media

Without saying too much and going into all the data and research, there’s much to prove that social media has come to stay. Create relevant accounts if you don’t have any. Better still, clean up your accounts to be a true representation of what you want to be seen as. You can still be yourself and share amazing content and yet stay professional about it. Platforms like LinkedIn and X (formerly twitter) are good places to start.

  • Follow relevant figures and role models

Follow the people you aspire to become through social media and if possible, interact with them in person. Like and comment on relevant posts. This is a good form of engagement and helps you step out more.

  • Network

Networking cannot be overemphasized enough. Without networking, a lot of people will not be where they are today. Networking involves meeting new and different people and interacting with them. Part of building a brand is so that others can see you in a particular way. You have to make the associations so they can see what you are trying to show them about yourself.

  • Stay consistent

None of the above will work as effectively if the tool of consistency is not applied. Stick to a particular style of engagement be it color fonts, tones etc. Stay consistent with strategies, revise them where the need be but at all costs stay consistent.
Hear the words of the 66th President of University of Ghana
“As SRC President, personal branding has been instrumental in fostering trust within my administration, building meaningful connections, and amplifying the impact of our initiatives. It has allowed me to effectively communicate my vision, engender unity, advocate for student welfare, established collaborative partnerships, and inspired confidence in my leadership.”
Branding or Settings

Branding is often seen as “settings”; communicating an exaggerated image of yourself or a thing for celebrities or the elite. Stay on top of your game and keep pushing to establish yourself how you want to be seen. Now is the time. Begin your personal branding journey today!

Edna Mawunyo Dorgbefu