The UGBS Advantage


UGBS’s business degree programmes focus on developing students that aspire to be business leaders. Students are trained at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in addition to completing several semesters of course work, have to complete a research project during their final year. This enables them acquire critical analytical skills, which are invaluable in the quest for higher levels of education or career enhancement.

With regard to academic standing and pragmatic business acumen, UGBS prides itself in producing high-achieving and successful individuals in every sphere of management endeavour. The School has links and strategic partnerships with the business community. Manifestations of these partnerships are seen in various chairs and endowments financed by players in local and international business that the business school has benefitted from over the years. Prominent industry practitioners are also frequently invited as guest lecturers to give talks on topical business issues in their various spheres of business endeavour.

To help students make the most of their future careers, the School provides the opportunity for personal development and career planning. UGBS, through its student representatives, organises job fairs, motivational seminars and workshops on career-related issues. Executive students also have the opportunity to travel overseas to participate in conferences and workshops, for networking and enhancing their career opportunities.

The school has over the past few years experienced an increase in the number of foreign students for our degree programmes. UGBS also has international affiliations with other schools scattered all over the globe with important synergistic benefits accruing to the business school as a result of these international linkages. In addition, our students have the opportunity to travel overseas to participate in conferences and workshops.

This is the UGBS family!