UGBS HURMAS Hosts HR Workshop

UGBS HURMAS Hosts HR Workshop

The University of Ghana Business School's Human Resource Management Students' Association (HURMAS) organised a workshop as part of their Week Celebration, themed "Positioning Yourself for the Job Market". The event featured industry experts who shared valuable insights and practical advice to empower students for the job market. 

Mr. Peter Yao, Bosrotsi, CHRMP was the guest of honour for the workshop. He emphasised the importance of building strong relationships, developing a growth mindset, and creating a personal brand. He added that they should look for opportunities to groom themselves and understand the trends in AI. "As HR practitioners, you need to build strong relationships and networks, develop a growth mindset, and create a strong personal brand.” According to him, these skills are relevant to lead others in the workplace," he stressed.

Mrs. Edith Frimpong-Manso, Operations and Recruitment Manager, highlighted essential skills for job seekers, including interview skills, crafting a standout CV, and communication skills. "Your resume is the first step to getting a job, so make sure it's aligned with the specific job requirements. Also, develop your communication skills, both written and oral, and learn to prioritise your time and manage your responsibilities well," she advised. Concluding, she added that they should be conversant with basic computer tech programmes like Microsoft Word and utilise online educational platforms to refine their skills.

Mr. Kwabena Nyamekye-Dapaah, a marketing practitioner, spoke on personal branding for professional visibility, emphasising self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management. "Building a personal brand takes time, so be emotionally intelligent and don't be pressured. Create content that aligns with your professional field for visibility, and remember that your brand is your reputation," he said.

Mr. Emmanuel Okwan, Senior Project Manager at Skill Set Africa, discussed the importance of digital skills, referencing the national skills coalition. "Digital skills are essential for the modern workplace. Develop skills like digital marketing, data analysis, and web development to stay competitive, Artificial Intelligence, " he encouraged. He further encouraged students to enrol in online courses and internships.

UGBS HURMAS Hosts HR Workshop

Representatives from KPMG discussed building a LinkedIn profile, highlighting its importance for professional connections, showcasing experience, and exploring job opportunities. "LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals. Use it to expand your connections, showcase your experience, and explore job opportunities. Also, take advantage of LinkedIn learning to develop new skills," they said.

Representatives HR Certification Centre were present to inform students about the benefits of certification. Gracing the workshop were faculty members from the OHRM Department, including, Prof. Damoah Obi Berko, Dr. Majoreen Osafroadu Amankwah, and Dr. Saviour Ayertey Nubuor. The workshop aimed to equip students with practical knowledge and skills to navigate the job market and build successful careers in HR and related fields.