Thomas Anning
Office Location: 
UGBS-Main Campus, Third Floor, RT8

Thomas Anning Dorson is a Lecturer in the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, University of Ghana Business School. His PhD research focused on Innovation, Competitiveness and Firm Performance in Emerging Markets. Prior to joining the Department as a faculty, Thomas worked in the hospitality sector for more than half a decade. Dr. Anning Dorson’s research primarily focuses on Competitive Strategy, Innovation, Services Management, Emerging Markets, Customer Experience Management, E-Marketing and Enterprise Development. His award-winning research outputs have been presented at reputable international conferences. Additionally, top tier international journals such as Journal of Business Research, International Marketing Review, Computer in Human Behaviour, International Journal of Innovation Management, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, European Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Bank Marketing, International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets etc. have also published his research outputs. He also serves as a reviewer for top tier journals in his area of research. Thomas is a member of the American Marketing Association and Academy of International Business. He consults for both local and international firms in the area of corporate strategy, innovation, service experience management, competitive advantage creation and market expansion analysis