Associate Professor

Professor. Aaron A. Abuosi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management. He joined the faculty in August, 2010. Dr. Abuosi has rich and varied work experience prior to joining the University. He has worked in various institutions within the Ministry of Health in various capacities as a General Nurse, Nurse Tutor, Health Service Administrator and General Manager of a hospital.

As a an Associate Professor, he has taught the following courses at undergraduate level: Health Service Marketing, Comparative Health Systems, Health Planning and Supply Management for Health Services. At the graduate level he has taught Health Insurance and Risk Management and Global Health. He has also supervised several undergraduate and graduate students’ long essays and theses respectively.

He has a number of publications in peer reviewed journals and contributed to three book chapters. He has also presented several papers, served as a panelist and moderated conference presentations in international conferences. He is also a reviewer of a number of international journals. He contributes to media discussions by being a spokesperson for health and health-related issues in Radio Universe, a radio FM service of the University of Ghana.

He has been a co-investigator of a six-member team of researchers for commissioned research by the University of Ghana on Attitude and Health-Seeking Behaviour Related to Non-communicable Diseases among Children in Ghana. He collaborated as co-consultant in an impact evaluation of youth sexual and reproductive health of three non-governmental organizations. He also provided co-consultancy to review Ghana’s health policies and programmes on maternal, newborn and child health for World Vision Ghana’s Child Health Now (CHN) campaign.
He served as examination officer for the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management and a Tutor of Jubilee Hall and International Students Hall.