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Prof. Narteh is a Professor at the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at University of Ghana Business School with almost 13 years of teaching experience at the University level. He had his PhD at the Centre for International Business Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark in December and a Master of Business Administration (MBA, Marketing Option) at the University of Ghana Business School... View Full Profile
Edward Nartey is a Lecturer in the Department of Accounting, University of Ghana Business School. He holds a PhD in Accounting (University of Ghana, Legon), Master of Research in Management Science (University of Lancaster, UK), an MPhil in Accounting (University of Ghana, Legon) and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting option (University of Ghana, Legon). Edward’s... View Full Profile
Adjunct Scholar
Professor Joe Nellis is Professor of Global Economy specialising in global macroeconomics, business environmental analysis, strategic thinking and management development. He teaches across the full range of the School's portfolio including the Full-time and Executive MBA, General and Customised Management programmes.  He is also Director of the Policy, Sustainability &... View Full Profile
Saviour Ayertey Nubuor is a lecturer in the Department of Organisation and Human Resource Management at the University of Ghana Business School. He holds a PhD in Management Science and Engineering focusing on Project Management from Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Prior to his appointment at the University of Ghana, he worked as a lecturer at Wuchang... View Full Profile