a) Peer Review Process
We detail below, the typical process for all papers received.
Upon receipt of any manuscript, the Editor will make an initial determination as to compliance with editorial policy and submission requirements. Papers found to be compliant will receive an entry number and the Editor will then write to the corresponding author acknowledging receipt and quoting an entry number. The Editorial Board will then send the paper to at least 2 reviewers. Authors whose papers are not found to be initially compliant may be asked to resubmit a revised version or informed of an outright rejection by email – such papers will not receive an entry number.

African Journal of Management Research maintains a 2-3 month turnaround time from submission to decision. The secretariat will keep authors informed by email, of the progress of their paper/s.

Reviewers are expected to apply the strictest codes of scientific professionalism to the process and are to turn papers round within 8-10 weeks and are not expected to use or quote from any manuscripts they review.

Authors will receive a notification of the Editor’s decision with any necessary comments from reviewers. Where the manuscript is accepted subject to amendments suggested by reviewers, authors are to turn such revisions around within reasonable time of not more than 2 months. Authors are to pay particular attention to typographical errors, print errors, grammatical aberrations, completeness of references etc as such lapses tend to delay the review process.

Accepted papers will be published in order of receipt of final versions. Final versions must be submitted in both MS Word and PDF format. Authors whose papers are accepted will receive 1 complimentary copy of the journal issue in which their paper appears.

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