Master of Philosophy (Operations)

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This is a rigorous 2-year programme aimed at providing advanced operations training to highly qualified degree holders. It is geared towards developing the research capacities of participant students and is positioned as a breeding programme for doctoral candidates in operations. The emphasis is research and students spend the entire second year in the programme writing an MPhil thesis under supervision. MPhil operations students take such courses as Business Information Systems, Economics for Business, and Operations Management.

Aims for the Programme

The aim of this programme is to equip graduates with critical and analytical skills for researching, teaching and defining solutions to the opportunities and challenges in managing operations in firms and institutions. The programme goes beyond a narrow focus on participants who seek to analyse, understand, and manage operations of a manufacturing or service organisation. It embraces those also seeking to have academic careers as researchers and lecturers in operations management.

Objectives of the Programme

The major objectives of the programme are to

  1. Impart knowledge on existing and emerging operations management theories, methods and techniques, and their impact on the performance of organisations;
  2. Train participants to critically analyse business processes, identify inefficiencies and problems, and apply decision-support tools to business decision making and project management;
  3. Provide participants the expertise in the quantitative and qualitative research approaches to address issues related to operations management; and
  4. Provide participants the skills to teach or transfer knowledge on operations management.

Admission Requirements

A good first degree (at least a Second Class Lower) in a relevant field of study from any recognised university and a minimum of three (3) years work experience. There is one admission in August every year. An entrance examination or interview may be conducted.


YEAR ONE - First Semester

  • UGBS 651 Economics for Business    
  • UGBS 653 Research Design and Qualitative Techniques
  • UGBS 655 Business Information Systems    
  • OMIS 667 Operations Management     
  • OMIS 669 Total Quality Management
  • OMIS 671 Management  Science    


  • OMIS 661 Supply Chain Management
  • OMIS 663 International Manufacturing and Service Strategy
  • UGBS 640 Global Management Practices*


YEAR ONE - Second Semester                             

  • UGBS 654 Business Strategy
  • UGBS 652 Multivariate Data Analysis
  • OMIS 608 Project Management
  • OMIS 666 Deterministic Operations Research
  • OMIS 668 Network Models and Graph Theory
  • OMIS 672 Decision and Risk Analysis


  • OMIS 674 Statistical Quality Control
  • OMIS 676 Queuing Theory


YEAR TWO - First Semester

  • OMIS 620 Research Seminar 1

YEAR TWO - Second Semester

  • OMIS 620 Research Seminar 11
  • OMIS 600 Thesis



The primary goal of the department is to equip graduates with the philosophical, critical and analytical skills for researching, teaching and developing sustainable solutions to the opportunities and challenges in adopting, implementing and using information systems in the local communities, firms, institutions in Ghana, Africa and beyond. 



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