UGBS Students Briefed On Opportunities In The Energy Sector

UGBS Students Briefed On Opportunities In The Energy Sector
Jun 05, 2021

The Mentoring and Students Service Unit (MSSU) organised a seminar via zoom dubbed “Opportunities in the Energy Sector”. The seminar had prominent members in the Energy Sector to broaden students’ knowledge and expectations in the Sector.

Welcoming participants to the seminar, The Dean of the University of Ghana Business School, Professor Justice Bawole, stated that a Committee is being put together to develop an internship policy for the Business School. He reiterated that interactions with stakeholders revealed that the School needs to do a lot more training when it comes to exposing students to soft skills and leadership. He highlighted that the curriculum is being revised to take on board some critical strategies from the industry.

The Seminar was chaired by Dr. George Acheampong, a Senior Lecturer from the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship. In his introductory remarks, he welcomed the speakers for the Seminar and introduced Petroconverge as a group of young dynamic petroleum sector professionals, who seek to make opportunities in the sector available to students in all spheres.

Speaking on the Upstream Sector, Ing. Lauretta Adala Atobra cited seven important traits to have to succeed in the Upstream Sector. She emphasised that resilience, flexibility, consistent & focused learning, attention to detail, determination, resourcefulness and thick skin are traits to be developed over time to give oneself the best chance at success. According to her, ladies especially venturing into the Oil and Gas sector should be determined, because there is an unconscious bias in the sector. She encouraged everyone to have a thick skin because of the multi-cultural sense of the Oil and Gas Sector, which makes it necessary to have this trait. In her closing remarks, Ms. Atobra touched on some career prospects for non-technical degree holders from UGBS.

Mr. Salim Sakara briefed participants on the history of the Downstream Petroleum Industry. Mr. Sakara revealed that the National Petroleum Authority is the principal regulator of downstream oil regulators in Ghana. He mentioned that Ghana Gas Company, Bulk Oil Storage and Transport and many others are the strategic players in the industry. Speaking of opportunities within the industry, Mr. Sakara remarked that the sector is deeply rewarding and encouraged participants to consider the Oil and Gas industry as a viable career path that can be pursued.

Ms. Narki N. Mfum addressed her professional journey within the energy sector. She noted that the oil and gas industry has a clear-cut career progression path, and the sector tends to give you a global mindset, which helps you understand cultural diversity and inclusion. She indicated that there is an expansive social network, and this results in transferable skills which are very much sought after within the industry. She shared some educational platforms across the globe for participants to follow. Ms. Narki N. Mfum revealed that the Upstream Regulator which is the Petroleum Commission is key on local content which drives Ghanaians to take up diverse opportunities in the country.

Petroconverge is a collective of energy industry professionals collaborating with academic institutions to provide pragmatic presentations/seminars/workshops to students. Their sessions delve into holistic and/or detailed analysis of the practical components of the upstream, midstream, or downstream energy extractives industry.

The interactive virtual seminar ended with a question-and-answer session on all topics presented.


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