UGBS ED Organises A Workshop On " Financial Appraisal And Risk Analysis”

UGBS ED Organises A Workshop On " Financial Appraisal And Risk Analysis”
Jul 15, 2021

The University of Ghana Business School Executive Development (UGBS ED) unit has organised a financial appraisal and risk analysis workshop from 21st June to 2nd July 2021 at the Graduate Building. The two-week workshop was opened by Mrs Gifty Enchill, Business Development Manager of the UGBS-Executive Development unit, and Mrs Cynthia Arthur of the Ministry of Finance.

The workshop had in attendance selected stakeholders from key government institutions, civil society, and academics. Participants were given a wide range of topics during the sessions. The participants were taken through an appraisal and programme monitoring technique used to determine the least cost way of supplying a good or service which is known as Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. The objective is to compare the cost per unit of the outcome of two or more programmes for purposes of capital budgeting.

The training also covered steps involved in Integrated Appraisal, which include Cash flow statements, application of economic conversion factors and national parameters, economic benefits and costs, as well as differences between the cash flow and economic resource flow statements that identify the stakeholder impacts. Participants were also introduced to the topic of Risk Analysis, which details the need to reduce the likelihood to undertake a “bad” project while not failing to accept a “good” project. The many variables affecting a project's outcome are subject to a high level of uncertainty.

Speaking to participants, The Dean of University Of Ghana Business School, Professor Justice N. Bawole applauded all participants for enrolling on the programme. He counselled them to speak good of UGBS and urged students to recommend the Masters Degree programmes and courses organised by the Business School to their colleagues.

The Dean advised alumni to help students from Business School, and accept internship letters and service personnel anytime they come to their organisations.

Mr David Klottey Collison, Director, Public Investment & Assets Division at the Ministry of Finance (MOF) thanked students for taking time to undertake this course. He mentioned that they will take into consideration all that the dean said.

Certificate of completion was awarded to the trainees at the end of the programme. 


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