MSc Clinical Leadership and Governance Class Hosts Mr. Herbert Mensah

MSc Clinical Leadership and Governance Class Hosts Mr. Herbert Mensah
Aug 12, 2020

The MSc. Clinical Leadership and Governance Class of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) had the honour of hosting Mr. Herbert Mensah, a Ghanaian businessman, Sports Administrator, Philanthropist and the President of the Ghana Rugby Association (GRA) in a virtual workshop dubbed, “Time with a Business Leader.” The two-part seminar series was held during the MSc Clinical Leadership and Governance class on July 21st and 25th, 2020 respectively. The workshops were both under the auspices of Dr. Mrs. Patience Aseweh Abor, a Senior Lecturer at UGBS and the Coordinator for MSc Clinical Leadership and Management Programme.

Mr. Herbert Mensah commenced the lecture by emphasising on the importance of cultivating habits that make one a strong leader. He highlighted the need for personal reflection as a key to staying on track. In his words, “strengths are God-given, there is no need to dote on them, taking stock of ones’ own weaknesses and improving them with humility and humanity is key”. He drew from his own experience by sharing his habit of journaling every night for the past 40 years. The floor was opened to the students to pose various questions whiles the discussion continued.

On the topic of work ethics, Mr. Mensah, who considers himself a globalist, advised the class to keep up to date with global issues to give them a competitive edge. He encouraged the class to focus on the image they seek to develop and endeavour to bring something different to the table. When asked about past failures, Mr. Mensah spoke very candidly about his days with Kumasi Asante Kotoko. He remarked, “when things don’t go as planned, I look, assess, analyse, reposition and move on.” Stressing on why he rarely micromanages, Mr Mensah stated that “if the people are not good enough, they should not be there.”
To conclude, Mr. Mensah spoke about the importance of knowing ones purpose and what one believes they are built for. He advised students to go after positions with an ethos in line with their beliefs. Drawing from his experience, he believes this has been instrumental in his career choices and stated that if he doesn’t agree with the ethos, he does not get involved. Mr. Mensah, in his closing remarks, wished the students all the best and encouraged them to keep striving for excellence.
The MSc Clinical Leadership and Governance Class together with UGBS are grateful and appreciative to Mr. Herbert Mensah for his time and insights.

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