Let’s Go to The Library: An MSSU Info Session

Let’s Go to The Library: An MSSU Info Session
Jul 20, 2022

The Mentoring and Students Services Unit (MSSU) of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) organised an information session for Level 100 and 200 students of UGBS, on the theme “Let’s Go to the Library: Exploring the University of Ghana Library website for our Academic Needs”. The session was held at the R. S. Amegashie Auditorium, on Friday, 8th July 2022, and was geared toward enlightening the students on how to access and use the University of Ghana (UG) Library Website.  Mr. David Tetteh Odjeawo, the UGBS Librarian and his assistants, Ms. Sylvia E. Amexo, and Ms. Jacinta Konadu-Nsiah, were the speakers.

Taking them through a live demo of the University of Ghana Library Website, Ms. Konadu-Nsiah shared with the students some of the services the library offers that would help them satisfy their academic needs in their early years. She spoke about the UG Catalogue (an online catalogue that lists books and theses in the University of Ghana libraries), Search All Databases (this database searches the UGCat and all academic databases simultaneously), Database Quick A-Z (an alphabetical list of academic databases offering full-text articles, books, images and videos), Ask a Librarian (helps you chat with a librarian online), Electronic Books (provides access to thousands of e-books in a variety of subject areas), and Past Questions (Downloadable PDFs of University of Ghana’s past examination papers).

During the presentation, she showed them how to use their student emails to their best advantage. She urged them to always sign in with their student emails when they are on eBook platforms and other databases that require them to pay before they get access to the documents. This is because the university has paid for these services and databases, so with their student mail, they are seen as an entity of the university and not as private entities, where they would be required to pay.

Subsequently, Ms. Amexo gave the students a run-down of the library facilities in the Business School, and the university as well. She spoke about the Business School library, which has computers, as well as discussion rooms (for groups of three to six). She also talked about the Knowledge Commons and 24-hour reading rooms at the Balme Library.

Mr. David Tetteh Odjeawo, on his part, admonished the students to visit the libraries and always patronise the services available. He reiterated that there is so much information on the University of Ghana Library System, which they can access on their phone or laptop, wherever they have internet. He also told them that the departmental and hall libraries are also available, so they do not always have to go to Balme Library. So, a simple search on the UGLS can show where the physical resources are, and then you can visit the nearest library if you want a physical copy. Additionally, he spoke about security in the library and advised them not to leave valuables on the library table when they are stepping out.

For enquiries on how to use any of the listed services or anything about the University of Ghana Library System, kindly chat with a librarian online or visit any of the libraries close to you on campus.




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