DOME holds 10th Practitioner Series for Postgraduate Students

DOME holds 10th Practitioner Series for Postgraduate Students
Mar 19, 2020

The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, DOME, of the University of Ghana Business School, UGBS, held its 10th seminar as part of the Distinguished Marketing Practitioner Seminar Series on the 5th of March 2020 at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS). The guest speaker for this seminar was Mr. Robert Nii Arday Clegg, a Managing Partner of Nii Arday Clegg and Co. He is also an author of the book “Corporate Governance: The Board Room, The Bottom Line and Beyond”.

Mr. Clegg spoke on the topic “Corporate Governance and Business Growth: Staying Safe on a Changing Business Landscape”. The business landscape, he mentioned, has undergone a series of changes throughout the years and has developed several rules and regulations that govern the intricate transactions and undertakings involved with any specified business or enterprise, ranging from specialised laws for specific areas of business to complex transactional phases.

He also made clear to the students the main governing mechanisms involved in Corporate Governance and the key roles each of them play. The mechanisms mentioned in the topic were the board of directors, executives and shareholders. He highlighted the connections between these bodies as well as the consequences each of their actions have among themselves and the enterprise they find themselves in.

The students engaged Mr. Clegg on some of the actions performed by the mechanisms mentioned. They endeavoured to find a correlation to some key actions performed by the bodies mentioned and their own daily interactions with enterprises. Mr Clegg did well to give as many practical examples of the said actions and scenarios being performed by the bodies as possible. Moreover, he stated that the students themselves may very likely find themselves in one of the stated positions.

The seminar ended after the facilitator, Professor Robert E. Hinson shared his views on the topic under discussion and enquired on some personal enterprise related strategies.

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