Title: Doctoral Student and Early-Career Professorate Workshop
Date: June 20-21, 2019
Doctoral Consortium Chair: Prof H. R. Rao, USA

Learning Objectives:

The workshop will offer Information Systems doctoral student and early-career faculty the opportunity to get feedback, input, consoling, and experience on their research and the professorate in general from senior faculty from throughout the world. The event will also help doctoral students and early-career faculty establish and broaden their professional network. The workshop aims to develop both the attendees’ research by providing specific feedback and to emphasize other important aspects of professional development such as the service in professional organizations.


The two-day workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to present their work to a world audience with the goal of guiding and providing constructive feedback and advice on both their research and professional development. Financial support for travel expenses is available and lodging and meals will be provided to attendees. Those wishing to stay for the 8.6 Conference are welcome and will be offered a discounted registration fee.