Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my MIS web PIN. How do I retrieve it?
What do I do if my MIS web PIN does not come to my student email account?

Contact help desk on for support +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862

I have forgotten my student email account.

Refer to your admission letter for the email address and initial (default) password. Contact help desk for further assistance if need be +233 50 926 6988

I get “wrong password” message when I try to login to my student email account. What should I do?
  • On your wifi enabled device, visit
  • Enter your student email and click on “forgot password” and follow the on-screen instructions to reset password.
  • Contact help desk to reset for assistance +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862.
What are the steps for online registration?

1. From the UG website,, click on student menu and select and click on MIS web(

2. Under registered users, select student option. Enter your UG Student ID Number and your PIN, Click on Login

3. Under the Student iEnabler menu, select and click registration. When Rules & Regulations appear please read carefully and click on “I Accept” button at the bottom of the page

4. Click on option submit registration


5. A Qualification Code in light blue writing would appear. Please click on it. Select the EMBA code. Kindly note that first year first semester is V, first year second semester is W, second year first semester is X, and second year second semester is Y.  Save and Continue

6.  Courses would then come up in codes and course titles.. Register for courses by clicking on the boxes right next to the course you choose. Choose courses according to your programme, current year and semester. Click on save and continue

7. Review the summary of the courses just picked, Click Continue

8. You should see your qualification code, programme, and summary of the fee. Click on accept registration.

9. Click on Printer Friendly Format to print your proof of registration which you would submit to the EMBA office

10. Click on Log-out to exit

It is important to note the following:

1.  That students would be able to register only 48 hours after fees have been paid
2.  That without paying the minimum of 50% of the Semester fee, a student would not be able to register on the ITS
3. Unfortunately, this flexibility does not apply to International Students

How to activate Student UG mail?

Contact help desk on for support +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862

How to access sakai?
I can't login into Sakai? what should I do?
  • After online registration of courses, login to sakai( with your ID number as username and Pin as password
  • If you encounter any login issues, Kindly visit Help Desk for assistance +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862.
I can't log on to my office PC (active Directory). What should I do?

Lodge a complaint at the Help Desk or call the following +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862

I can't connect to the Wifi. What should I do?
  • To access Wi-Fi on campus, you require:
    1. Student ID and PIN
    2. Paid fees and done academic registration
  • You can follow the instructions on to setup wifi for your device.
  • Or Kindly bring your laptop or phone to the Help Desk for configuration +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862.
How do I register a resit course?

Go to the homepage,, click on the link for resit examination registration under featured links. Download the steps for registration from there and follow it promptly.

I can't find my course on sakai. what should I do?
Kindly visit the Help Desk for assistance +233 50 926 6988 or +233 24 280 7862.
How do I to install and use Zoom?
  • Students must have a device (laptop or phone) with camera and microphone to be able to join class
  • Download and install Zoom (
  • Register (sign up) for a Zoom account
  • Get conversant with Zoom functionalities before beginning of lectures (you can practice with a friend)
  • Test microphone and camera before joining class
  • Always make sure microphone is on mute before ‘joining’ class.
  • Unmute microphone only when asking questions or making contributions in class
How do I reach out for Support?
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