Steps for EMBA Online Registration

1. Type or click this in the browser\pls\prodi41\w99pkg.mi_login OR From the UG website,, click on student menu and select and click on MIS web

2. Blue boxes will appear

3. Click on student

4. Type in student ID Number and PIN

5. Click Login

6. Click on Registration in list on left column of screen

7. Rules and regulations would appear. These you must read

8. Then Click on Submit registration


9. Click on continue

10. Click on Qualification Code ( PEMBA 7)

11. Register for this qualification

12. Save and Continue

13. Select courses relevant for the semester


14. Accept registration

15. Print proof of registration to verify correctness of inputs

16. Click on Log-out to exit

It is important to note the following:

1.  That students would be able to register only 48 hours after fees have been paid
2.  That without paying the minimum of 50% of the Semester fee, a student would not be able to register on the ITS
3. Unfortunately, this flexibility does not apply to International Students
4. Contact our help desk Tel: 050 703 2444 if you have any difficulty.

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