There is no doubt that information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become a significant factor for achieving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This has created a very high, global demand for professionals with the expertise to align ICTs with business strategies to achieve corporate objectives. Academics are also in high demand to research into ICT design, development and implementation in both the private and the public sector. With this underpinning its mission, the Department of Operations & Management Information Systems (OMIS) is founded on the interaction between the ICT and Management disciplines. The main objective of the department is to meet the IT needs of middle to high level management in organizations.  

The Department of OMIS is essentially a post-graduate department, offering courses in MBA in Management Information Systems, MPhil in Management Information Systems, MPhil in Operations Management, MSc. in Management Information Systems and PhD Information Systems. The department also hosts some core courses for both undergraduate and graduate programmes of the University of Ghana Business School.

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