Marketing drives business change and evolution. Students studying EMBA Marketing will develop critical marketing management skills, the ability to enhance the marketing orientation of their organisations and the capacity to perform at the strategic marketing levels within their organisations.

Semester 1

MBAE 605    Organisational Behaviour and Management
MBAE 607    Information Management
MBAE 603    Managerial Accounting
MBAE 601    Business Economics

Semester 2

MBAE 618    Research Methods
MBAE 616    Quantitative Methods
MBAE 614    Marketing Management
MBAE 612    Human Resource Management

Semester 3

EMKT 603    Marketing Research
EMKT 605    Consumer Behaviour
ESEM609      Financial Services Marketing*
EMKT 607    Sales Management*
MBAE 609    Ethics in Management
EMKT 610    Seminar One

*Students would choose one of these two elective courses with the asterisks

Semester 4

EMKT 604    Integrated Marketing Communication
EMKT 602   Services Marketing
MBAE 604   Strategic Management
EMKT 606   International  Marketing* OR ESEM 606   Corporate Responsibility and Susutainability Marketing*
EMKT 620   Seminar Two
EMKT 600   Long Essay

*Students would choose two of these four elective courses with the asterisks

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