This option goes beyond traditional accounting to encompass management issues of financial institutions, including professional firms providing financial advisory services. Students will be trained to perform both accounting and finance functions effectively. Further, students can expect to sharpen their skills in understanding financial instruments and financial reporting.

Semester 1

MBAE 605   Organisational Behaviour and Management 
MBAE 607   Information Management
EACC 601   Accounting Theory
MBAE 601   Business Economics

Semester 2

MBAE 618   Research Methods
MBAE 616   Quantitative Methods
MBAE 614   Marketing Management
EACC 602   Corporate Financial Strategy
EACC 604   Sustainability Accounting and Reporting

Semester 3

EACC 607   Financial Services Management
EACC 605   Auditing and Financial Risk Management
EACC 603   Advanced Issues in Financial Reporting
MBAE 609   Ethics in Management
EACC 610   Seminar One

Semester 4

EACC 608   Taxes and Business Strategy
EFIN 604    Money and Capital Markets* 
EACC 606   Advanced Managerial Accounting
EFIN 606     Financial Engineering*
MBAE 604   Strategic Management
EACC 620   Seminar Two
EACC 600   Long Essay

*Students would choose one of these two elective courses with the asterisks

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