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CFLE - Africa


CFLE-Africa is a Ghana based not-for-profit professional organization that seeks to promote and develop financial literacy skills in the average African. CFLE-Africa's mission is to empower and educate all Africans to make financially sound decisions. Promote and develop financial literacy skills in young Africans and help them make financially sound decisions, plan for the future and live a debt free life. Peter K. Asare Nyarko is also a Financial Literacy Advocate, Financial Educator, Entrepreneur and Author.CFLE-Africa is the Lead TFAF Ambassador in Ghana

CFLE-Africa seeks to create massive financial awareness and prepare individuals to be a financially informed citizens and leaders. That means knowing only not what they want to do with their life, but also with their financial resources. CFLE-Africa advocates for financial literacy through events and campaigns. They host quarterly SikaSukuu for market women and small scale business owners in remote and rural communities in Ghana and other African countries.
To help address the lack of financial awareness and the financial illiteracy epidemic CFLE-Africa is taking an active leadership role to recognize organizations and their management, and individuals that are championing improving financial awareness and financial literacy. CFLE-Africa is then uniting them with other associations, organizations, NGO’s, nonprofits, educational institutions, municipalities, employers, the news media and concerned individuals to actively focus this vast community resource into The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement in Ghana with its semi-annual concentrated personal finance content media blitz.
CFLE-Africa gives volunteers a chance to share what they’ve learned with the community as part of The Movement which is championed by TFAF a partnered organization. This will be open to student clubs, academic institutions and other volunteered organization, financial service professionals, and their associations and members, employers, and municipalities.
CFLE-Africa also has plans for a yearly Financial Literacy Challenge for High School Students to compete to share their financial awareness and financial literacy for awards and recognition.

You can learn more about CFLE-Africa at