Ofosu- Hene
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Dr. Eric Ofosu-Hene is a Pension, Investment and a Financial Enterprise Risk Actuary. He has experience in designing governance, regulatory, investment and risk management strategies for financial security systems: Pension and Social Security, Life Insurance and Banks.
Eric has been involved in training a number of individuals and offered consultancy services for corporate clients on financial security systems: As a result he has gained extensive experience as a consulting actuary and can advise on pensions, social security, life insurance, investment and risk management issues for a wide range of financial security systems.
Eric holds a Ph.D. in Actuarial Science from University of Kent, England (U.K) and a MSc. with Distinction in Actuarial Science from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland (U.K). He is a qualified Accountant with the Association of the Chartered Certified Accountants in the U.K. He also holds membership of the Institute of Actuaries in the UK.
Before joining the University of Ghana, he had worked in several roles: as an Auditor of Cancer Research (UK), a SEC Investment Representative of African Legacies Finance Limited and an Account Officer of Micro Mania (Cyprus).
He currently lectures financial Management, insurance and actuarial science courses at both the Graduate (Executive MBA, MBA Finance, and M.Phil. in Risk Management) and at the Undergraduate level.