Yale SOM, UGBS And EGADE Launch Raw Business Case

Yale SOM, UGBS And EGADE Launch Raw Business Case
Jul 24, 2017

The University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Yale School of Management and EGADE Business School, Mexico, in collaboration with IBM Corporate Service Corps in Ghana, on Tuesday 18th July, 2017, launched “A Raw Business Case” at the Centre for African Wetlands Auditorium, University of Ghana.
The development and the launch of the Raw Business Case is part of an ongoing commitment by UGBS to provide world class business education. Over the last decades, the world’s best business educational institutions have hailed the use of business cases in the classroom as probably the best way to prepare students to handle real life business problems. However, these traditional business cases are often problem specific and do not mimic the multi-dimensional nature of business challenges as they happen in the real corporate world. Thus, the Yale School of Management, the University of Ghana Business School and EGADE of Mexico, in their quest to bring major innovations into business education, have collaborated with IBM Corporation of the United States to develop a Raw Business Case using data from IBM raw Corporate Service Corps projects in Ghana and Mexico. A major difference between traditional and raw case is that a raw case captures events as they are, and therefore maintains the multi-dimensional nature of business problems as they happen in the real world.
The Raw Business Case is an innovation to improve business education by contextualising the multi-dimensional business challenges, to enhance the ability of students to creatively unearth detailed and diverse solutions that meet local, regional and global standards. It also enables students to develop judgement and problem solving skills by wrestling with management decision-making through the use of business case.

At the launch, Professor Joshua Yindenaba Abor, Dean of University of Ghana Business School, in his welcome address mentioned that belonging to the league of top business schools has helped the University of Ghana Business School to leverage some opportunities to improve its global relations. He also lauded the idea of case teaching in a multi-dimensional approach which he said, actively engages students to develop their skills in problem solving and equip them with analytical skills to make decision in complex situations.

The chairman for the launch Mr. Leslie Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, Gas Power Systems, Sub-Saharan Africa, noted that case teaching is proven to be the most effective and innovative way of learning, especially in business education. Further, he stated that regionalising and localising studies are much more essential to the African development experience.

A representative of Yale School of Management Tiffany Gooden, spoke about the benefit member schools derive from being part of the network education systems.  It allows member schools to leverage resources as well as adding up new ways to enhance their partnership.  She further stated that the network is a hub of learning experiences for students, which gives students multi-dimensional perspective on issues which make the network a powerful vehicle for learning.

In his remarks on the concept of the Raw Business Case and processes leading to the IBM Corporate Service Corps case, Dr. Gordon Abeka-Nkrumah, a senior lecturer of UGBS reiterated that cases are the norms and standards for business education. He believes the raw business case trains students to be better prepared for the job market and it becomes a win-win situation for industry and academics.

Prof. Robert Ebo Hinson, UGBS, Mr. Kafui Prebbie, IT & Education Expert, Entrepreneur & Project Manager, TECHAiDE and Mr. Kojo Addo Kuffour, Chief Operating Officer at Ghana Home Loans Ltd, constituted a panel to discuss the importance of such cases in delivering good quality Business Education both for full time students and executives pursuing continuous education. The discussion was moderated by a popular Ghanaian journalist and radio presenter Bernard Avle.

The launch brought together alumni of some of the world’s best Business Schools across the globe, Captains of Industry, providers of Business Education in Ghana, representatives from the Yale School of Management, faculty and administrative staff from the University of Ghana.


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