Week 4 of Beyond the Curriculum Series with Dr (Mrs) Vera Fiador

Week 4 of Beyond the Curriculum Series with Dr (Mrs) Vera Fiador
Nov 14, 2017

Beyond the Curriculum, the weekly forum put together by the UGBS Mentoring and Students’ Services Unit continued on Friday, 27th October 2017, at the R.S. Amegashie Auditorium. This was the fourth in the series and happened to be a talk on ‘Campus Relationships’. The talk was handled by a Senior Lecturer from the Department of Finance, University of Ghana Business School, Dr (Mrs) Vera Fiador.

Dr Fiador started the talk by sharing her relationship experience when she was a student. She said the relationship was smooth until the academic demands at the time became heavy as she changed her course. She shared the challenge she had with finding the right balance between her academic work and relationship. This, she said, led to a break-up that left her devastated, affecting her grades. Dr Fiador explained that it took a lot of efforts to let go of her pain and focus fully on her academic work, a move she said was very beneficial to her.

The notion that not dating on campus will result in singleness was dispelled. Dr Fiador urged the students to take their time and not be in haste to enter into relationships. She opined that the pressure that comes with relationships is very great and students may find it difficult handling it. She therefore advised the students to make friends with everyone and learn to know each other well before entering into relationships. Dr Fiador concluded by advising the students to abstain from sexual activities.

There was a question and answer segment where students were made to write questions down for the purposes of anonymity. Dr Fiador answered most of the questions and urged students who have more concerns to feel free to approach her.

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