UGBS Student Helps Commemorate International Event

UGBS Student Helps Commemorate International Event
Mar 22, 2015

Miss Irene Naa Oboshi Sai, a Level 300 Marketing student currently participating in a student exchange programme at Harstad University College, Norway, has recently delivered a speech at the College’s event commemorating International Women’s Day. 

Speaking on how the women of Africa live their lives, her biblically-inspired speech first explored the essence of dreams and the need to keep them alive, saying they are “that thing you want to do that would make you feel most alive, a dream as a portal to your purpose”.
She thus aspired to win many of her audience’s “lost dreams back to hope for the future” with her speech by embracing the platform given her and “taking a cue from the lives of African women”.

Providing a contextual definition of who an African woman is, she outlined her (African woman’s) struggles, both past and present, for recognition as an equal to men and stated that most have lost their dreams as a consequence.

Miss Sai used personal anecdotes to illustrate her own journey towards ensuring the fulfillment of her dreams of affecting the lives of people on an international scale to underscore the need to hold on to dreams.

She said, “…though challenges have come, I have learnt to fight and conquer so as to pave the way for others to emulate. I have not always chosen the safest path. I've made my mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon and fail to appreciate the consequences”.

However, through it all, she revealed that she has learnt to follow her heart, amidst fears egging her to opt for the safest path which may not necessarily be the best.
Miss Sai urged women to believe in themselves and never succumb to but rather lean on ingenuity to overcome the obstacles in their paths.
Finally, she encouraged all women, especially those without, to find dreams, fulfill them and make a change in the world.

Harstad University College is currently hosting five UGBS students, including Miss Sai, under a partnership which seeks to promote co-operation between the two institutions through student and faculty exchange programmes.



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