UGBS Student Emerges Winner of EY Tax Competition

UGBS Student Emerges Winner of EY Tax Competition
Nov 24, 2021

Mr. Abraham Glover, a final year student of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), has emerged winner of the EY Young Tax Professional of the Year 2021 local competition in Ghana after a series of rigorous assessments of the candidates. He will also represent the country in the international competition, which will begin on Wednesday, 10th November 2021, and will officially end in February 2022.

When asked how he felt about the achievement, he said, it is a humbling experience for me. Honestly, I am still amazed that I won. I am very excited as well. The win challenges me to give off my best at the next stage. Speaking about the benefits of the contest, he indicated that “beyond the certificate and cash prize, the competition has opened more networking opportunities and has broadened my understanding of tax topics due to the practical nature of the competition.” His major challenge during the contest dealt with researching the topic and crafting the best solution. However, he overcame that as he progressed along.

He expressed his gratitude to Professor William Coffie, Head of the Accounting Department (UGBS), and Professor Mohammed Amidu of the Accounting and Finance Department (UGBS), for allowing him to participate in the competition. He also thanked Mr. Manfred Adu-Poku and Mr. Kinglsey Owusu for their time, guidance, and assistance during the contest. He finally expressed his appreciation to his team members and family for their support.

Abraham is currently preparing for the international competition, and he is focused on reading relevant tax materials on business and international taxation, in addition to other key areas. He is also trying to get access to materials from previous years to familiarise himself with the nature of the international competition. Mr. Manfred Adu-Poku is his coordinator.

Here is what Abraham has for students who would like to participate in the EY Young Tax Professional of the Year competition in subsequent years:
“First, I think you will need to focus on your studies in school since that equips you with the basic knowledge needed for the competition. Next, you need to also work on your presentation and research skills because they are crucial to your success. Also, students should keep updated on both local and global development in taxation as these help in offering relevant recommendations and solutions as required in the competition. Lastly, don't forget the God factor.”

Abraham Glover was the Head of the Audit Board of the Business House Junior Common Room (BHJCR) and the Head of the Audit Chamber of the Accounting Students Association. Abraham believes in living a Christ-centred life, and the need for social impact and collaboration to create a better world. Thus, he looks forward to using his knowledge and experience to make a positive impact in whatever field he finds himself in.

UGBS congratulates Mr. Abraham Glover on his remarkable feat and wishes him the very best in the upcoming competition.

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