UGBS Public Administration Students Engage Alumni, Launch Association

UGBS Public Administration Students Engage Alumni, Launch Association

The University of Ghana Business School's (UGBS) Public Administration Students Association, Legon (PASAL) held a successful event on 14 th June 2024 at the R. S. Amegashie Auditorium. The event was attended by both students and alumni to discuss career opportunities and development, as well as launch the PASAL Alumni Association. 

Mr. Abdul-Bassit Abubakari, a PhD candidate, advised students to acquire skills beyond the classroom to succeed in organisations. "Be IT-oriented and learn new things to fit in," he encouraged. He emphasised the importance of being adaptable and continuously learning to stay relevant in the industry. 

Nana Osafo Adjei, Executive Chairman of Zed Multimedia, emphasised the importance of being open to unplanned opportunities. "Yes, basic qualities are essential, but let's strive to be open to unplanned opportunities that can lead to success," he said. He also discussed the need for public administration in national development, highlighting its impact on the country's growth and progress. 

Madam Mary Awelana Addah, Executive Director of Ghana Integrity Initiative, commended the students for their willingness to contribute to national development. "Don't discount your small abilities and capabilities. Be responsible for yourself and make the public sector a better place," she advised. She encouraged students to take ownership of their skills and abilities and to use them to make a positive impact in the public sector. She added that they should show integrity and accomplish the right things no matter how and where. “The public space is not a place to make one rich but to work efficiently and bring about the changes the nation needs. Serve and the lord will bless and reward you,” she added. 

Dr. Anthony Nkrumah Agyaaben, from the Department of Public Administration, UPSA, also emphasised the importance of preparation and time management. "Opportunities are limited, and they come to those who are prepared. Add value, utilise your skills, and invest in yourself," he encouraged. He stressed the need for students to be proactive and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. He added that they should get mentors, making conscious efforts to look up to them and keep connections using reference letters as an example. 

Dr. Kweku Ayisi, representing the Head of Department, Prof. Albert Ahenkan, launched the PASAL Alumni Association alongside Nana Osafo Adjei. "As you leave here, you will need to distinguish yourself and create a niche for yourself. This association will provide a forum for students to network and grow in the industry," Dr. Ayisi said. 

The event provided a platform for students to engage with alumni and industry experts, gaining valuable insights into national service, internship, and job opportunities. The launch of the PASAL Alumni Association marked a significant milestone in the history of the association.