UGBS To Partner with Solbridge International School of Business

UGBS To Partner with Solbridge International School of Business
Nov 29, 2019

The University of Ghana Business School, UGBS, held a discussion with the SolBridge International School of Business at the Woosong University in South Korea on November 25, 2019 concerning a possible partnership. This proposed partnership will have students and faculty embarking on exchange programmes and both schools collaborating on research projects.

Representing SolBridge School of Business was Professor Kalu Ibe Ekpeghere, Assistant Professor and Senior Regional Manager in International Relations for Woosong University, while UGBS was represented by the Dean, Professor Justice Nyigmah Bawole and Dr. Kwame Asamoah, Head of Department for Public Administration and Health Services Management.

Woosung University has an employment rate of 72%, which is the highest employment rate in South Korea. It also has partnerships with over 400 universities and institutions from 67 countries. Over the years, accolades gained by the University include Global Power Brands in 2017, and the Outreach and Engagement category of the Innovations that Inspire AASCB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). Below are picture excerpts of the discussion.


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