UGBS Launches 2nd Edition of The Ghana Business Development Review

UGBS Launches 2nd Edition of The Ghana Business Development Review
Jun 21, 2018

The University of Ghana Business School on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, launched the Second Edition of the Ghana Business Development Review (GBDR) at the School's Graduate Building. The report, which is one of the major channels UGBS intends to use in promoting business development and growth, is a research-based report on business development in Ghana, mainly at the micro-level. It seeks to provide regular reviews of developments and performance of businesses across various sectors of the economy and also provide an outlook with respect to investment and growth opportunities as well as policy direction.

Chairperson for the occasion and Provost of the College of Humanities, Professor Samuel Agyei-Mensah expressed gratitude to all who were present. He reiterated UGBS's commitment to intensify its impact on business development and the economy at large, through policy-relevant research and advocacy. In this regard, the GBDR provides detailed insights on selected business sectors and industries. It also serves as a link between industry and academics. He stressed that the review will provide industry players and academics with insights and best practices to lead themselves, students and organisations more effectively.  He congratulated all the authors for their diligent research into business in Ghana.

The Dean of UGBS, Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor, in addressing the gathering on the purpose of the occasion, explained that the report is one of the flagship initiatives of the school which is rapidly gaining acceptance by the business community as an important document and becoming another channel of impact on society by the Business school. This, he said, will help advocate for policies that spur growth and performance of businesses to improve economic development. Moving forward, he asked for the support of government and industry to sustain the move. Professor Abor finally congratulated his colleagues and authors for a good job done.

GBDR Project coordinator, Dr. Mohammed-Aminu Sanda gave an overview of the eighteen-chapter report, outlining the sectors' contents, structures, achievements and challenges. Among the sectors reviewed are Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Mining, Real Estate, Energy, Oil and Gas, Health, ICT and Telecommunication among others. He said this second edition of the report provides useful information relating to business development issues in the economy and would be useful in informing managerial decisions and policy direction. Furthermore, he said it offers useful guide for potential investors by providing outlook with respect to the business growth and investment opportunities that exist in the various business sectors.

Special Guest of Honour and Minister of State in charge of Business Development, Hon. Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal who launched the report, expressed gratitude to the team of researchers who authored the report and said it is indeed going to play a crucial role in informing policy direction. He, however, challenged academics to produce graduates with what he calls 'mindsets of a can-do attitude'. He advocated for a collaboration between academics, industry and government to produce young people who are able to take initiatives and solve societal problems. He also asked academics to provide policy makers with evidence-based information for decision making. He finally assured UGBS of his government's pledge to support in the next edition of the report.


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