UGBS Innovation and Incubation Hub Organises Time With Mentor Seminar – Dr. Tomisin Fashina

UGBS Innovation and Incubation Hub Organises Time With Mentor Seminar – Dr. Tomisin Fashina
Oct 26, 2021

The University of Ghana Business School’s (UGBS) Innovation and Incubation Hub held a seminar on Saturday, October 16, 2021, at the UGBS Executive Hall.  The purpose of the seminar was to discuss digital entrepreneurship with incubates.

Mrs. Mammie Hutchful-Nortey, a member of the UGBS Hub team commenced the seminar with a statement of intent and expressed her gratitude to everyone for their presence. She then introduced the speaker for the occasion, Dr. Tomisin Fashina. Being certain that the day was going to be full of useful information for entrepreneurs, she admonished the participants to pay keen attention to the speaker.

Dr. Fashina began by briefly speaking on the subject of failing as an entrepreneur. He used himself as an example to make a point that one needs to fail quickly and get on with life. After capturing the attention of his listeners, he spoke on entrepreneurship and its three main foundations: innovation, risk-taking, and rewards for hard work. He proceeded to enunciate the word ‘digital’, where he associated it with technology, and stated various aspects of the business that can be digitalized. He also put digitalization into three categories: digital delivery but physical products as offered by Uber and Airbnb, digital products and digital delivery as offered by Amazon, and a fully online model with no physical aspect as offered by a company like Facebook. 

Finally, Dr. Fashina explained who a digital entrepreneur is, and advised the audience to create value that leads to profitability since entrepreneurship is not complete until the entrepreneur has received benefits. Dr. Fashina concluded the lecture with words of gratitude to the participants for their time and as well as the opportunity given him.

The Seminar ended with an appreciation speech by the Coordinator of the UGBS Hub, Dr. George Acheampong, and a vote of thanks by a team member of the UGBS hub, Miss Benedicta Asare. 


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