UGBS Holds Strategy Validation Session

UGBS Holds Strategy Validation Session
Jul 08, 2015

The University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), on Friday, July 3, 2015, held a strategy validation session on the premises of its Graduate Building, purposefully to refine its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

According to the Dean of UGBS, Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor, the session also sought to assess the viability of the Plan, especially in sufficiently capturing the School’s proposed direction.

The Dean of UGBS, Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor

Mr. Franklin Ansah-Antwi, Managing Partner of StratAfrique, a management consulting firm offering services in strategy development and implementation, facilitated the session which saw the participation of UGBS’s faculty and administrative staff.

Participants were guided to review the School’s strategic compass, which comprised its vision, mission, values and critical success factors.  This involved a series of group activities to help participants, segmented into 4 groups, internalize and reach a common understanding of the Plan’s key highlights.

Mr. Ansah-Antwi further guided a series of discussions which focused on the process of establishing accountability for the Plan. The process, he said, was not about personal agendas but was rather about representation, commitment, and responsibility.

He urged participants, in revising the Plan which comprised priorities, objectives, and key performance indicators, to create a sense of mission through harmony and engagement, commit to change, and establish clarity and purpose.

Prof. Abor (R) engaged in a tête-à-tête with Mr. Franklin Ansah-Antwi, Facilitator of the session

The session culminated in the selection of 2 participants each to champion the revision of each of the Plan’s 7 pillars.

Mr. Braimah, one of the selected champions

A cross-section of participants reviewing the Strategic Plan

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