UGBS Graduate Students Embark on International Study Programme to the USA

UGBS Graduate Students Embark on International Study Programme to the USA
Sep 04, 2020

The University of Ghana Business Schools' International Study Programme to the United States of America for the 2019-2020 academic year took place from January 16th to February 3rd, 2020. The programme was specifically designed to equip UGBS graduate students with skills in the areas of mentorship and networking, problem-solving and creative thinking skills, among others. The programme provided students, faculty, and staff with an exciting opportunity to experience the East Coast of America and participate in classroom discussions in Ivy League Schools.

Participants had the opportunity to visit Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan), Yale School of Management (Yale University), Fox Business School (Temple University) and Howard University. In addition, the programme included visits to various sites of historical and contemporary relevance; the US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Museum, the White House, and the United States Air Force Memorial. This offered the participants a time to explore the historical and cultural sites of America.

Participants spent two days in MIT Sloan and engaged MIT faculty on the key issue of implementing enterprise-wide transformation. Students also had the opportunity to tour the MIT campus.

The students also spent a day in Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) where Yale SOM faculty engaged participants from UGBS on topics such as: Bosses as Brands; How Charisma and Character Still Count; Leading Teams During Crisis Management and; Difficult Negotiations. The experience and warm reception received from Yale was excellent. Students also had the opportunity to tour the Yale University campus. The participants spent one day in Fox Business School and engaged their faculty on issues such as Entrepreneurial Thinking, Design Thinking, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Business Models and Business Model Innovation, and Lean Start-Up.

Furthermore, the group attended a seminar in Howard Business School on Digital Disruptions. As in the other schools, participants from UGBS had the opportunity to tour the campus of Howard University. They had the opportunity to tour New York, visiting the following historical and cultural sites; Empire State Building, Ground Zero-World Trade Centre, Staten Island, Wall Street, United Nations, and the Times Square. According to the students, the exposure, experience, and certificates gained from the programme are priceless. The content of the lectures was good and the whole programme was well organised.

UGBS is already beginning to see signs of the impact of the international study programme on students. The students made it known that the study programme gives more insight into global thinking of business.


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