UGBS Embarks on Entrepreneurial Field Trip

UGBS Embarks on Entrepreneurial Field Trip
Oct 05, 2017

On Thursday, 28th September 2017, a group of UGBS students embarked on an entrepreneurial field trip organised by the Business House Junior Common Room (BHJCR) as part of UGBS Corporate and Business Festival. The trip was to equip the students with problem-solving and creative thinking skills as well as provide a platform for the students to experience learning outside the class.

The first stop was Miniplast Ltd where the students were warmly received by Nadim Ghanem-Pares, Deputy Managing Director of Miniplast. He gave a talk about the organisation’s history and operations, as well as requirements for starting a plastic manufacturing business. Nadim Ghanem-Pares mentioned a few of the products they produce such as buckets for paint manufacturing companies, home furniture among others.

There was a Questions & Answers session where he addressed concerns of the students relating to the health and safety of workers and staff and how best they tackle issues with regard to imitation and competition on the market as well as their Corporate Social Responsibility activities. This ended with a tour around the organisation to enlighten the students on the various activities carried out by the company.

The group of students proceeded to Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority where they were welcomed by Nana Esi Quansah-Soderberg, Principal Public Affairs & Marketing Officer. She briefed the students on services undertaken by the port, various market segments the port serves and processes involved in clearing goods at the port.

She also mentioned that all the activities undertaken are projected to facilitate trade and enhance safety and security at the port. With reference to ensuring safety and security at the port, there is the need to educate the general public on new regulations, procedures as well as do’s and don’ts’ of the port community. Nana Esi Quansah-Soderberg also addressed questions concerning the newly introduced paperless system and some challenges on the part of importers as some of them falsify documents. The students were further taken around the port by Joan Teinor, Marketing Supervisor, to experience the activities and processes of the port community.

The students had a fun-filled and educative day, and they were thankful to the Business School and the institutions visited for the opportunity. This goes a long way to emphasis on the fact that the Business School truly has excellence as its hallmark.



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