UGBS-ED Organises Course on Selling Academic Programmes

UGBS-ED Organises Course on Selling Academic Programmes
Nov 08, 2017

The University of Ghana Business School Executive Development unit (UGBS-ED) organised a course on Selling Academic Programmes from the 30th to 31st of October, 2017. The course was focused on giving participants from academic and industry a hands-on knowledge on the selling of programmes in their respective fields. The course facilitators, Professor Robert Ebo Hinson, and Dr. Mahmoud Abdulai Mahmoud both of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship took the participants through the course.

Presenting on the topic “Closing the Deal”, Prof. Hinson took participants through the art of personal selling. He explained that this involves particular series of outlined procedures in order to influence a prospective customer in the direction of a company’s product or service.

Prof Hinson also spoke on “Consultative Selling Approach”, where he outlined its importance as enhancing service delight, long-term business and word of mouth referrals.  He then outlined the steps to becoming a consultative salesperson. Prof Hinson pointed out the necessity of always pushing to close sales as this helps both the salesperson and the client.

The co-facilitator for the training programme, Dr. Mahmoud, spoke on “Sales Management and Personal Selling”. He however focused on sales management. In his presentation, Dr. Mahmoud explained that sales representatives are important because they are the providers of two-way communications, explainers of complex product or service and helpers in the revision of strategies of organisations. Differentiating between personal selling and sales management, Dr. Mahmoud again defined personal selling as having to do with the daily interpersonal direct dealing with the client whereas sales management deals with the supervision and coordination of the act of selling. He further indicated that adequate knowledge in the field of personal selling is needed in order to better understand the market and act accordingly.
Ending the course, Prof Hinson touched on personal branding and outlined five key areas that the participants must take into consideration. These indicators are building a strong plan, striving to become a sales champion, becoming loyal to the facts, having a measuring, and evaluation plan.

The training programme came to an end with an interactive session, where the participants got to ask questions and developed solutions to some problems affecting their selling and sales management functions.

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