UGBS-BHJCR Organises Entrepreneurship Forum

UGBS-BHJCR Organises Entrepreneurship Forum
Oct 03, 2017

The Business House Junior Common Room (BHJCR) of UGBS organised an Entrepreneurship Forum dubbed, “CEO Before 30” at the R. S.  Amegashie Auditorium on the 25th of August, 2017. The programme was focused on imparting knowledge to students on how to start and maintain a business. The programme is part of the week-long UGBS Corporate and Business Festival organised by the BHJCR.

The event was introduced by Patricia Asare, Chief Executive Officer of Gyenatua Later Money Services, a micro-loan service for students. In her introductory message, Miss Asare encouraged the students to pay rapt attention to the speakers and ask questions to gain full understanding of their presentations.

Rev. William Kwarteng, CEO of Anathoth Consult, speaking on the title “Becoming a CEO under 30”, pointed out that theology and science must be used hand in hand to ensure growth. “One cannot pray all day without studying or working and expect to succeed”, he said. It is important that young companies take into account the resources available to them, especially the little they have now. He also asked them to identify problems and position themselves to solve the issues since that is the basic function of any entrepreneur. He ended by saying that the doors of Anathoth are open to all who want to learn more, and support would be provided to all interested.

The next speaker was Mr. Prince Obeng, Board Chairman of Shea Network Ghana and CEO of Aggrey Consult Limited. He stated that startups must identify problems, develop solutions and be willing to push their agenda. He also reiterated the point of making use of the available resources and growing a business a step at a time; summing up his presentation with the quote “dream big, start small, run fast.”

The next speaker was a chocolate maker and CEO of DecoKraft, Akua Donkor Obenewaa. Akua noted that in starting a business, one must not be perturbed by the negative feedback they get and always keep pushing to bring out their very best.

The final speaker was a student of UGBS, Edna Ayena, who is the former president of the Enactus University of Ghana. She spoke on her experiences both on campus and outside on her journey to becoming an entrepreneur. A university degree doesn’t guarantee you success she said, but rather we should take advantage of extracurricular activities on campus to develop skills such as teamwork and leadership. These are what will guarantee us success in our entrepreneurial endeavours. Present at the programme were students from UGBS and other departments on UG campus.


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