UG’S DPPME, ISSER & CSED Hold Talks On Development Policy And Practice

UG’S DPPME, ISSER & CSED Hold Talks On Development Policy And Practice
May 16, 2015

The University of Ghana’s Development Policy Poverty Monitoring and Evaluation (DPPME) Center of Research Excellence, in conjunction with the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) and the Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Development (CSED), on May 13th, 2015, held the first of a series of talks on Development Policy and Practice on ISSER’s premises.
Addressing the theme, ‘Food Marketing and Poverty Alleviation’, was the day’s main speaker, Klaus Grunert, a distinguished Professor of Marketing at Aarhus University, Denmark.
Prof. Grunert led discussions on trends in food marketing, providing insights into developments in food consumer behavior and outlining implications for various actors in the food marketing chain.
He said world-wide competence, increasing global competition and reduction of trade barriers were causational factors of trends on world food markets. To stay in business, therefore, he demonstrated that food manufacturers need to focus on sustaining a competitive advantage.
He also stressed the need for manufacturers to zero in on customer wants and closely monitor changing markets. In this regard, he urged further exploration into the phenomena of people willing to pay premiums for any organic-branded food.
Prof. Grunert explored in depth, authenticity, sustainability, extrinsic quality cues and convenience as the major developments in food marketing and touched on the topic of innovation.
To him, the increased power of the retailing sector was a cause for concern, stating emphatically that retailers are the main bottlenecks of the innovation process.
He further reflected on changing value chains which, he said, were moving towards closer collaboration among sectors, and food chains which, he also said, were becoming more demand driven.

In concluding, he, therefore, urged manufacturers to consider customer interests to ensure product quality.
Present at the event were Dr. Isaac Osei-Akoto (ISSER) who chaired; Prof. Robert Hinson, Head of CSED, media personnel and participants from ISSER and the various sub-sectors of Ghana’s agriculture sector.
Also in attendance was Mr. Nicolas Gebara, Fund Manager of the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund, a demand-driven fund that largely supports the agriculture sector. He provided a run-down of the Fund’s achievements in alleviating poverty and creating wealth, especially among their beneficiaries who are mainly small-holder farmers with scarce resources.
The Talks will host Prof. Soeren Jeppesen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, as he speaks on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Small and Medium Enterprises on May 13. The last of the Talks, to be held on Friday, May I5, will feature Prof. Mette Morsing, also of Copenhagen Business School, on the topic, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and MNEs’.

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