Social Marketing Class Pitch Ideas to Influence Behaviour Change

Social Marketing Class Pitch Ideas to Influence Behaviour Change
Nov 14, 2017

Final year students of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) held a group presentation on the 30th of October, 2017. The objective of the presentation was to develop social marketing campaigns to influence behaviour in the society. Present were Dr. Ernest Yaw Tweneboah-Koduah, Head of Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Dr. Raphael Odoom and other faculty. The presentations were supervised by Dr. Thomas Anning Dorson.

First to present was team “Speed2urgrave” whose objective was to create awareness on the effects of speeding on our roads. The presentation was focused on the causes of speeding as well as its outcome. Various forms of communication tools including posters, social media messages as well as influencers were used. Presenting on the health risks associated with smoking was team “shisha101”. Their main objective was to raise awareness on the adverse effects of smoking shisha- the molasses-based tobacco concoction. The perceived harmless nature of shisha was debunked with the aid of a video by a health worker who spoke indepth on its harmful effects.

“Onecorneronerubber” was the slogan of the third group, “AIDSoutGh” who sought to promote the practice of safe sex and ensure the eradication of AIDS through its campaign. The team suggested the possibility of adopting code names to increase the patronage of condoms and to reduce the stigma attached to their purchase. This, the group stated, would go a long way to decrease the risk of contracting AIDS. Team “AbstainGh” delivered the last presentation. Its message was centred on teenage pregnancy with abstinence being the core campaign. The tagline menkoyor was adopted to make the message relatable to the target market.  As part of creating awareness, the team has launched a campaign to visit and educate selected second cycle schools on the health implications of teenage pregnancy.

The session ended with an assessment of each group based on the content of presentation, effective organisation of slides and a thorough understanding of the topics.

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