Prof. Abor Speaks on Good Corporate Governance Practices

Prof. Abor Speaks on Good Corporate Governance Practices
Jun 17, 2017

Professor Joshua Yindenaba Abor, the Dean of University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), has stated that “organisations need to strike a gender balance that includes more women on their boards as a way of breathing new life into their corporate governance culture”. This statement was in a speech the Dean delivered during a re-launch of the UGBS-Executive Development (UGBS-ED) courses, under the theme: “Corporate Governance: A Pillar to Sustainable Growth and Development”, at the Graduate building of UGBS on Tuesday, 13th June, 2017.

Stressing the need for female board membership, he noted that women provide certain expertise which their male counterparts may not provide. Women may provide other soft insights and angles to deliver solutions that will enhance good corporate governance. He added.

Speaking on Board Integrity, the Dean challenged corporate governors to hold the principles and practices of good corporate governance in high esteem. While playing their roles for the board to effectively deliver on its mandate, membership must desist from actions that soil their reputations. He added that an effective board must decouple the roles of the board from that of management. It must also consist of people from diverse backgrounds who will provide competent corporate governance to enhance good organisational governance culture. Several organisations, he noted have been run down, not because they had a bad selling brand proposition, but as a result of bad corporate governance.

Professor Abor opined that some organisations collapse because basic governance principles, guidelines as well as several risk compliance issues are not abided. He therefore called on the government and regulators, especially the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to replace the current general guidelines that regulate firms with clear effective and good corporate governance laws for the good of organisations. This, he said, is the best way to direct and regulate how organisations governance systems are structured.

Concluding his speech, the Dean, encouraged firms to evaluate the performances of their governing boards, both at the individual and collective levels to ensure their effective contribution to organisational growth.


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