Mr. Kelvin Nyame Interacts with UGBS Entrepreneurship Class

Mr. Kelvin Nyame Interacts with UGBS Entrepreneurship Class
May 04, 2017

Mr. Kelvin Nyame, co-founder of (an online real estate marketing platform), in an interaction with the level 300 entrepreneurship class of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), has encouraged students to employ creativity and perseverance to realise viable entrepreneurship ideas. He made this assertion at the collaborative entrepreneurship lecture with the African Entrepreneurs Hub at UGBS on 22nd April, 2017.

According to Mr. Kelvin Nyame, students have good chances to explore their thinking and creative potentials in spite of the hostile African environment and the negative mind-set on the services rendered and goods manufactured. He asked students and individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs to identify societal needs and use their creative ideas to provide the requisite solutions. He added,” Ghanaians have the potential to change the fortunes of Africa if they cultivate entrepreneurial thinking lifestyles”.

He further disclosed to the participants that entrepreneurs at some point feel overwhelmed with many responsibilities that fall on their shoulders. But the most important thing one must remember is that “you are building something that everyone affiliated with you and your organisation will benefit, just keep pushing forward and that load at some point, will begin to lighten up”. He was emphatic that financial constraint and the lack of human resource have been the major challenges he is encountering as an entrepreneur. He added that his passion to change the Ghanaian narrative of entrepreneurship has kept him moving.

He therefore challenged the young to be problem solvers. “You should never be discouraged; roll-over again upon your defeat and you will get there”, he added.



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