Mr. Freeman Osei-Tete Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Mr. Freeman Osei-Tete Successfully Defends PhD Thesis
Sep 26, 2017

Mr. Freeman Osei-Tete, a student from UGBS’s Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management (PAHSM), on September 14, 2017, successfully presented and defended his PhD thesis at the University of Ghana School of Graduate Studies. The thesis was on “Implementation of Social Policies in Developing Countries – The Case of Ghana’s School Feeding Programme”. His supervisors were Prof. Emmanuel Kojo Sakyi, Prof. Justice N. Bawole and Dr. Thomas Boabeng.

Overall, Mr. Osei-Tete’s study sought to uncover the implementation challenges confronting social policy in Ghana with respect to the School Feeding Programme (SFP). This was projected in his objectives, one of which was to determine the contextual challenges confronting the programme. Another objective was to examine the nexus between implementing the SFP and the policy directives regarding locally produced goods. The study was also aimed at ascertaining the relationship between the key actors, key partners and the communities and how that is impacting on the programme.
He reviewed extensive literature and developed a conceptual framework necessary to harness the ambiguities in social policies regarding their mission to reduce inequality.

He expected his study to add to the knowledge that social policies suffer in the presence of bureaucratic inertia and political interferences as well as help policy makers redesign the School Feeding programme to be time-effective.

In his recommendation for future studies, he proposed that a study be conducted to include an assessment of why the ministries and key actors in the public sector fail to collaborate.  He also suggested a study on what it will take to minimise political influence on social policies.

Mr. Osei-Tete expressed his profound gratitude to Prof. Emmanuel Kojo Sakyi for playing the lead role in supervising his thesis. He was also grateful to his colleague faculty members from Central University, his family and all present. He assured the School that he will impart his knowledge to others.



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