Mr Eli Kpodo Interacts with Weekend MBA Integrated Marketing Communications Class of UGBS

Mr Eli Kpodo Interacts with Weekend MBA Integrated Marketing Communications Class of UGBS
Mar 16, 2017

The Weekend MBA Integrated Marketing Communications class on Saturday, 4th March, 2017, held a lecture with Mr Eli Kpodo, Brands Manager of the telecommunications provider, MTN, at the graduate building.
In his lecture dubbed “Image and Brand Management”, Mr Kpodo asserted that both individual and organisational branding requires effective monitoring, evaluation and management in an aggressive competitive world of doing business. He added that the cost of creating, supporting and managing individual brands is becoming prohibitive, hence organisations create a brand for the range of products and services they offer.

Also, he noted that, whenever a brand is threatened, it threatens the life of the organisation as well as the jobs of thousands the brand has employed, hence, quick thinking to resolve the threat is the most practicable solution. “Find out the strengths of the brand, use those strengths to uplift its performance while working to fix the weaknesses identified”, he added.

Mr Kpodo further stated that brand management can be understood from a two-dimensional view point; the firs being the brand identity, which is created managed and controlled in-house by the organisation. It includes, but not limited to labels, colours, slogans and symbols chosen by the organisation to represent what a brand communicates. Second is the brand image, which is the public’s perceptions, views and opinions about the brand. This he said is very difficult to control and manage, hence, constant monitoring should be done to forestall any negative perceptions or opinions of the brand at its roots.

The lecture concluded with Mr Kpodo’s call on students to define themselves to reflect a positive brand identity and image through in-branding. “You must build a brand that communicates resonance of who you are and how you want to be perceived”, he added.


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