Migrate from The Traditional Business Sense to a Digital Era

Migrate from The Traditional Business Sense to a Digital Era
Sep 27, 2020

Dr. Raphael Odoom, a Lecturer at the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) has urged small businesses to consider migrating to the digital space. Dr Odoom was speaking on a digital programmed dubbed: ‘CoRe Hangout’, which forms part of the COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Programme (CoRe), an initiative of the Springboard Road Show Foundation and in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and Solidaridad.

The UGBS Lecturer further urged all small businesses to leverage the power of technology as they engage their customers. He indicated that  “the old times when we thought the digital space was something meant for only big businesses is over, hence the need for businesses to migrate from the everyday traditional business sense into a digital space.”

Touching on the subject of branding, he mentioned that branding goes beyond the widely held erroneous perception of just packaging and labelling. He added that “beyond the logos of businesses, branding also encompass the integrated marketing activities accompanying with the brand, as well as those ‘secondary’ associations upheld by the brand.” He also stated that businesses should anticipate what customers would want and ensure that their desires matched the kind of products given.

Dr. Odoom said combining the digital space, as far as e-commerce was concerned, with some virtual form of selling was one key area businesses were leveraging.  “Fortunately for a lot of small businesses, with the aid of digital and social media platforms as well as well-planned objectives, people are leveraging these  platforms to generate a lot of income. So, it is one of the avenues that businesses may explore to push themselves up,” he added.
The CoRe hangout is a platform where participants have the opportunity to engage with people on a wide range of topics from personal development to business, health, and entertainment. The programme is supporting over 692,000 young people in the country to survive and thrive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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