Marketing Communications During A Global Pandemic With Mrs. Rita Aba Tsegah

Marketing Communications During A Global Pandemic With Mrs. Rita Aba Tsegah
Feb 12, 2021

The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) held the fifteenth edition of its Distinguished Marketing Practitioners Seminar (DMPS) Series themed “Marketing Communications During A Global Pandemic – What We Should Expect Going Forward”. This session, held on 8th February 2021, via ZOOM, had Mrs. Rita Aba Tsegah, Regional Head, Corporate Communications and Marketing – Ecobank as the guest speaker.

Mrs. Rita Aba Tsegah began her presentation by citing Frederic Tudor’s ice story. “The ice story is a story that speaks to transformation and talks about the things we take for granted” she added. She stated that COVID-19 came suddenly, and it would evolve into a new normal, therefore, it is important to study the pre-COVID and COVID eras to envisage how the pandemic will continue to influence consumer behaviour.

She again cited Mckinsey’s report on Emerging Trends and Key Insight, highlighting great digital migration and self-service by businesses, individuals’ adoption of new service platform to ensure optimal operation, the new command centre, restriction on travel and movement – global reach through digitization and higher standards expected from brands.

“The way forward is to increase digital engagements through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), self-services, augmented reality, paid digital promotions, use of social media influencers, webinars or social media live, podcast, online advertisements and the increase in reliance on television for media and education objectives rather than the classroom and live lectures”, she concluded.
The episode ended with questions and answers and was moderated by Professor Robert Ebo Hinson, the Head of Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship.


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