Level 400 Taxation Class Meets Practitioners

Level 400 Taxation Class Meets Practitioners
Nov 08, 2017

The Department of Accounting of UGBS held a practitioner’s class on taxation for the level 400 Accounting students. Hosting the event, Dr. Mohammed Amidu, Senior lecturer, Accounting, asked the students to pay keen attention to the speaker. He also introduced the dignitaries from the Chartered Institute of Taxation (Ghana).

The keynote speaker, Mr. Abdallah Ali-Nakyea of A-N & A Associates, spoke on “Taxation as a Profession”. Mr. Ali-Nakyea’s presentation covered the job functions of a Tax Practitioner, the skills required and the challenges involved. He defined a Chartered Tax Practitioner as an expert in the field of taxation who has been specifically trained in accounting, finance, tax law and practice. This knowledge allows a practitioner to help clients in planning and understanding of their tax futures, preparing and submitting of tax returns, working with revenue provisions and negotiating with the Ghana Revenue Authority on client’s issues.

“Inorder to become a Chartered Tax Practitioner, one must meet educational and professional requirements”, Mr. Nakyea said. These requirements include studying for a qualification in accountancy, undertaking a professional examination and finally applying to the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana (CITG). There is also the need to train with a professional firm to gain some experience. The skills required of a tax professional can be summed up to include having an analytical mind, high negotiation ability, adaptability, and being abreast of legislature, as well as ability to the meet deadlines. He ended his presentation by acknowledging that being a Chartered Tax Practitioner requires working in a busy and pressurised environment which is a major challenge; he therefore encouraged the students not to rest, lest they rust.

During the question and answer session, the dignitaries from CITG took time to answer questions from the students. Speaking for the CITG, Mr. Nii Ayi Aryeetey and Mr. Fred Tetteh, President and Registrar respectively of the Institute inspired the students to take advantage of the relationship between the Institute and the Business school. They also spoke on course exemptions for students of the Business School due to their depth of knowledge.

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