Level 100 Principles of Management Class Interacts with Janet Quarshie

Level 100 Principles of Management Class Interacts with Janet Quarshie
Mar 16, 2017

The level 100 Principles of Management class of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), on 7th March, 2017, at the R.S Amegashie Auditorium, interacted with Madam Janet Quarshie, operations and administrative assistant Manager, Eaton Towers Ghana. The interaction intends to equip students with practical managerial leadership skills for the job market.
Speaking on Organisational Leadership, Madam Quarshie iterated that leaders are change makers and team players. She added that every aspiring leader must cultivate a down to earth attitude, keep a cordial but professional relationship with team members to achieve set goals. Aside that, Mrs Quarshie noted that, a good leader must always initiate, motivate and keep in touch with their grassroots.

She encouraged students who aspire for leadership positions to cultivate the habit of planning with set targets to help them reflect and asses their progress in every step of their leadership journey. This she mentioned will set and distinguish them positively from others.
Elaborating on the job markets Madam Quarshie gave an overview of what kinds of management staff the Telcos can absorb. She opined that students with administrative background holds good future prospects in the Telcos industry. She however warned students of complacency, saying “It is a tough world out there and most companies need people capable of producing results, meeting set goals and targets to yield profits”.

In conclusion, she advised students to take up internship initiatives to garner the work experiences and exposure they require. This she said is productive than spending their holidays and vacations on activities that has little bearing on their career choices.


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