Kobby Mensah Presents Research Findings on Political Parties at UGBS Seminar Series

Kobby Mensah Presents Research Findings on Political Parties at UGBS Seminar Series
May 04, 2015

Dr. Kobby Mensah, a lecturer at the department of Marketing and Customer Management, UGBS has disputed widely-held assumptions that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) appeals to electorates who are predominantly lower class, while the National Patriotic Party (NPP) appeals to those of the higher class.

He made this assertion during a UGBS Seminar Series presentation of his study on ‘Political Brand Association: The Tale of Two Political Party Brands in Twenty Years’, at the ICT Lounge of the Graduate Building.
Dr. Mensah, who specializes in political marketing, revealed Ghana’s political landscape had assumed a ‘centre’ position owing to the high volatility of the electoral cycle, implying that votes are now up for grabs to any party that positions itself well.
His study also investigated among others, the effect of party leadership on voter perceptions and the evolution of voting patterns, particularly age, gender and class distribution.
The findings indicated that changes in party leadership over the past 20 years have influenced voter perceptions on party brands and party choice over the years. They further suggested that voting patterns among various age groups have also proved erratic, while the understudied political parties had been unsuccessful in claiming a stake in gender votes. He, however, stated the NPP leads in the most women voters, although the NDC is gradually closing the gap.
Dr. Mensah concluded that it is the responsibility of parties to respond to the volatilities by offering the right mix of policy options to appeal to different cohorts of voters so as to capitalize on and win electorates votes, whose makeup keep evolving.
Present at the impressively attended event were students, members of faculty, representatives of the NDC, NPP, and Convention People’s Party (CPP), and personnel from various media houses.

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